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All Genuine THOR gym floor cover products are Made in the USA

Gym Floor Cover Racks

Racks are designed to hold up to 12 rolls of 10' wide reinforced vinyl floor covering fabric. It features state-of-the-art locking castors with broader floor contact for better weight distribution, manual winder standard or optional power winder with adapter chuck (110 volt).

Roller bearings in the swivel casters allow easy movement of a fully loaded rack by just 2 people, and they can easily deploy and rewind the floor covering segments in minutes.

Racks measure 34" wide by 11'-3.5" long by 67" tall when assembled.
Optional rack cover available.

Rack Specifications
Number of
5 $1624 $1775
6 $1724 $1875
7 $1824 $1975
8 $1924 $2075
9 $2024 $2175
10 $2124 $2275
11 $2224 $2375
12 $2324 $2475
Optional Power Winder $1265.00
Optional Rack Cover $340.00
2" wide x 36 yard rolls of seaming tape (24 rolls/case) $175.00
3" wide x 36 yard rolls of seaming tape (16 rolls/case) $185.00
Walk behind Tape Dispenser For 3 Inch Wide Tape $275.00
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  • Our frames are made out of ¼" steel and steel pipe for the core tubes
  • Total weight capacity per core tube is at 500 pounds
  • Total weight capacity per rack 3000 pounds not counting the weight of the rack itself.
*Manufacturer's recommendations:
The load rate of your flooring system (in psi) should always be allowed for when choosing gym floor cover fabric weight, # of panels per rack, type, style and number of racks, and ultimately the pounds per square inch of force exerted on your floor by the fully loaded rack(s)"
When the gym floor cover weight exceeds 10 panels or a total of 1350#'s the Deluxe Rack should be specified...The Deluxe rack is made from a heavier gauge of steel...both styles of racks offer our exclusive "no-mar" wide tread locking casters for better weight distribution and floor protection.
Genuine THOR Gym Floor Covers

Mobile Storage Rack Assembly,
Loading and Unloading Instructions
     Walk Behind Tape Dispenser
Assembly Instructions
Power Winder Specifications   Instructions
Gym Floor Cover Rack Crank Handle   Gym Floor Cover Rack Warranty

 Cover for Floor Cover Rack
Made from ThoroShield 1800 FR fire retardant vinyl
Keeps rack and cover dust free while in storage
Keeps kids from trying to climb on the rack and possibly getting hurt
Stays up off the floor so it doesn't hinder movement of the rack
Has Velcro closures on one end to speed placement and removal
Comes in many colors: same color choices as gym floor covers
Fits any THOR rack regardless of number of rollers/shafts
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Tarprack Cover


  1. Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 roll capacity.
  2. Two capacity widths available either for 10' wide or 15' wide sections.
  3. Adjustable bar brackets allows for larger/smaller diameter sections. Add brackets/bars depending on need.
  4. One wrap Velcro keeps the floor cover from unraveling.
  5. Non-marring casters for easy rolling even with heavy loads.
  6. Four swivel locking casters for easy maneuvering and safety.
  7. All steel tubing for all applications, weight capacity of 2000 lbs
  8. 34" wide to fit through standard doorway of 36".
  9. Manual hand crank included.
  10. Optional adaptor and power rewind system.
  11. Optional rack cover.

FOR PROPER WEIGHT DISTIBUTION AND SAFETY when loading/unloading the rack, evenly distribute the weight of rolled gym floor covers. Load from the bottom up alternately from side to side and front to back. Unload the rack following the same procedure in reverse top to bottom.

Mobile Storage Rack Assembly, Loading and Unloading Instructions

Walk Behind Tape Dispenser Assembly Instructions


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